Letters to the editor


Would a heavy fine deter dog fouling?

Sir, – I was playing golf at Linlithgow when a man and his dog strolled across the course in front of us.

Dogs are not allowed on the course so I wonder what he would have said if a golf ball had hit him?

Several dog owners seem to think that the West Lothian cricket pitch is a superb place to exercise their pets and leave their calling cards.

The playing fields and grass at the Linlithgow Sports Centre attracts numerous dogs including dog walkers with six or seven dogs.

The council must ban this on their land and thus stop the filth left behind.

The canal authorities have made a good job of tarmacking the canal footpath - you can now clearly see and avoid all the dogs’ filth deposited on it.

A few £500 fines would sort this anti-social problem.

These are examples of the selfish, ignorant dog owners who think they are entitled to go anywhere and allow their animals to inconvenience others.

Thankfully they seem to be in the minority. – Yours etc.,

Clark Cross

138 Springfield Road

Linlithgow EH49 7JT

Sir, – 2013 has been a year of celebration but also a year in which we have achieved a great deal.

This year marked the 130th anniversary of The Boys’ Brigade and while times have certainly changed since Sir William Alexander Smith founded the organisation, our aims and objectives remain the same – to provide opportunities for young people to learn, make friends, enjoy new experiences and learn about the Christian Faith.

It’s our ability to adapt and evolve that has kept us relevant to Scotland’s young people and has resulted in a resurgence in membership, with over 20,000 young people taking part in our 450 Companies each week.

Reflecting on this year, we have much to be proud of – over 400 Queen’s Badges awarded, 200 camps and residential activities provided, 170 Duke of Edinburgh awards presented and seven new groups started.

We couldn’t have achieved this without the help of thousands of dedicated volunteers who work timelessly behind the scenes to support our work.

As we look to 2014, it promises to be an exciting year as we continue to build on the positive work of 2013. - Yours etc.,

Bill Stevenson

Director, Scotland

The Boys’ Brigade

Carronvale House