Letters to the Editor

First class mail needs to be posted by Friday, December 20, to arrive in time for Christmas
First class mail needs to be posted by Friday, December 20, to arrive in time for Christmas

Weighty matters to ponder over

Sir, – Following the freak weather over the festive season , readers might be interested in learning more about climate change from a free online course – see www.exeter.ac.uk/climatechangecourse It runs over eight weeks and is said to involve three hours each week . It highlights the impacts, the causes and solutions of climate change. The lecturers are eminent scientists .

Yes there are other matters worth boning up on this year, like the independence question, but the two subjects are not entirely separate – Scotland has world-leading targets on carbon reduction.

Will these be more easily reached together or apart ? And climate change has worldwide effects, particularly on the poorest.

NGOs, like Oxfam and Christian Aid, will probably have been asked to feed such information into the course so, altogether, an exciting learning experience for the new year.

If you are interested in relieving world poverty caused by factors over and above climate change the telephone-connected meetings (each onehour long) of RESULTS UK held every month, may suit you better.

The January date is Tuesday 14th at 26 Friar’s Brae, Linlithgow, startung time 7.30pm . – Yours etc.,

William Ross

by e-mail

Sir, – Anyone who has not already made their New Year resolution may wish to consider adopting a vegan diet. Not only will it mean that no animals are harmed to produce the food they eat, but it is also very good for human health as vegans suffer less from cardiovascular disease, obesity and certain types of cancer. It’s the ideal way to counteract the gluttony of Christmas.

I would also urge anyone who has pledged to give more to charity to choose only those that do not conduct tests on animals. A list of these, as well as information on going vegan, can be requested by calling Animal Aid on 01732 364546.

Ben Martin

Animal Aid

The Old Chapel

Bradford Street



Sir, – Award winning history documentary company Testimony Films are making a new documentary series for BBC2 paying tribute to Britain’s Greatest Generation.

We want to hear from men and women in their late 80s, 90s and 100s who have vivid and interesting stories to tell from their past.

From childhood to war; romance to retirement – this generation has experienced the most radical amount of change within their lifetime than any other. Their memories and values are hugely important for educating and inspiring our future generations.

Do you have interesting tales of childhood in the 1920s and 1930s?

Did you serve during World War 2 or keep our home fires burning?

Have you found a new lease of life since retirement?

Are your children or grandchildren fascinated by your tales of the past?

If so we would love to talk to you about your story!

If you would like to share your memories with us please get in touch with Pete, Emily or Sara. – Yours etc.,

Pete Vance

12 Great George Street,

Bristol, BS1 5RH