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‘One-sided’ band man challenged

Sir, — I was rather dismayed and angry at the response of Mr Liddle in last week’s edition when he launched a rather one sided view of the cost of a band for the local gala day.

My mother is the lady he vents his anger towards and I feel rather than her responding to the letter I would do it as a member of a family that has had involvement with the Gala for around 30 years, indeed my mother will have served on the committee for 30 years next year.

My mother was merely implying that collectively eight bands amounts to a rather large sum of money so the donation from the Party at the Palace group was an excellent help with this aspect of the day, she did not imply that £500 was a large amount for one band although as a purely self funded event every penny does matter and therefore any amount of cost that is related to the gala day could be viewed as expensive.

Let’s not also forget that the gala funds are used to feed and refresh the bands in hired halls throughout the town.

Mr Liddle also notes the cost of uniforms, instruments, etc., and I can see where this would be an expensive hobby, however a hobby it is, so to then go on and say that if they were to cost out wages for band members then it would far outweigh the cost of the band in the first place is a ridiculous statement to make.

On that principal if we cost out the wages of the gala committee for a whole year of fund raising, planning, rehearsals, attendance at other meetings and not forgetting the week running up to the gala day then we would be into full time wages territory all of which is done a voluntary basis and because these hard working community-minded people do it as a hobby, as they enjoy it and because it is for the good of the community.

I would urge the people of this community who think it is easy to organise a huge day like the Gala Day to either come and help and see what’s involved or think twice before opening their mouths or putting pen to paper to criticise. – Yours, etc.,

Allan Kidd


by email

Sir, — Today (Saturday, June 14) I took part in a peaceful and productive street stall campaign for the Better Together movement outside the Burgh Halls.

Without going into great detail I would like to say that I was NOT surprised by the aggressive attitude of a few YES supporters, especially one gentleman who seemed intent on provoking a fight.

Why can’t they just accept the fact that they have opposition and let both sides get on with their own side of the debate? – Yours etc.,

Ian Balloch


Sir, – To the thief who stole Two of my granny’s hanging baskets from her garden, I hope you are so proud of what you have done.

I can’t believe how mean you have been!

My granny and I spent a lot of time on the baskets and we spent a lot of money on the plants and the baskets themselves.

I hope you feel stupid, humiliated and guilty.

Please return them to my granny. She is angry and upset and so am I. – Yours etc.,

Angry 12 year old


Sir, – I would like to thank a young lady who came to my elderly mother’s rescue on the evening of Saturday, June 14.

My mother came to Bo’ness after managing to walk out of her care home without anyone’s knowledge and became very tired and disorientated to her surroundings.

Luckily for us, this lovely young lady noticed her predicament and assisted her to our home.

Unfortunately my husband was so surprised at seeing my mother standing in front of him that he could only thank the her briefly and did not get her name.

We would both like to thank this young lady who took the time to help my mother and to let her know that her actions were very much appreciated by the family. –Yours etc.,

Appreciative daughter

Sir, - Several residents of our town that I have spoken to in the last few weeks are still disappointed and sad at the desolation of our local branch of the Royal British Legion. They, like myself, feel that some action should be taken to raise the standard of the Legion once more in our town.

Most branches are aware that veteran ex-servicemen are reducing in numbers each year. That is why they have introduced a Family Members Association. This means if your family had a member serving in the armed forces, be it father, brother, or son, you can become a member of the Legion. This has been the back bone of many clubs in the past few years. If you feel as I do, please get in touch with me. Just drop me a note and I will make arrangements to meet. I will get in touch with the Legion Headquarters in Edinburgh and have them forward me the proper action to get things started. All I ask is that people take the time to think about this plea. We need to remember! - Yours etc.,

J. B. Bell,

37 Jessfield Place