Letters to the editor

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St Andrew’s Day parade success

Sir, – I would to thank the organisers of the St Andrew’s Day parade which was held in Linlithgow.

It was great to see so many people turn out, not just from West Lothian but from across Scotland.

It was a family atmosphere and it was good to see people come together to celebrate our country’s patron saint.

Not only was the parade a great success, but the same organisers arranged a full evening of speakers and traditional Scottish music at the Highlander Hotel in Armadale.

Hats off to the committee for pulling off a major coup in securing Ted Christopher as the headline act. I hope they go on to more success. – Yours etc.,

John McKenzie,

7 Greenside,Torphichen.

Record numbers struggling

Sir, – The Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s latest report exposes the record number of working families living in poverty in the UK.

Most of our users are struggling to cope on a low income.

Two-thirds rely on financial support from friends and family, over three-fifths have been forced to cut back on food and heating, and more than a fifth have turned to payday lenders.

Anyone who is struggling can use our free grants search tool at www.turn2us.org.uk to identify charitable funds that may be able to provide financial, practical and emotional support. – Yours etc.,

Alison Taylor,

Director of Turn2us

Young side is

back on form

Sir, – Many thanks for your help recently in helping us to search for new players for LRCFC 2001. Happy to say that as a result of all the publicity we are now back to a squad of 16 players.

Although there’s still a lot of work to do, hopefully the imminent risk of collapse has receded and we’ll be able to continue through the season.

Of the players we’ve attracted, five were not playing organised football six months ago and two were not playing six weeks ago.

We had a lot of help and support also from our friends in sport at other clubs in West Lothian, especially Broxburn, and from the WL Association of Youth Football in finding players.

Providing opportunities for as many young people as possible to play the best game in the world for as long as possible is surely the whole point of what we do.

So we’ll look to keep attracting young players so that, as and when further opportunities arise, they can have a chance to participate.

Thanks to you for your help in publicising our plight.

You’ve helped an exceptional bunch of kids keep their team going, while also encouraging new players to take up the game. Well done. – Yours etc.,

Iain McKinven,


LRCFC 2001

Thanks for your contribution

Sir, – I wish to record the appreciation of the Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Community Council for the contribution made by so many people in making the 2014 Advent Fayre such a success.

Special thanks go to Linlithgow Army Cadets and the 1st West Lothian Sea Scouts for their work in distributing torches for the torchlight procession, Linlithgow Grange Rotary Club for lighting the torches and the Deacon’s Court for taking part in and stewarding the procession.

Last year we ran out of torches; this year we had 200 more torches which was just enough but we ran out of children’s glow sticks!

Apologies to those children who were unable to carry a glow stick – we will have more next year. –Yours etc.,

John Kelly,


Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Community Council

Time to increase fouling fine?

Sir, – There are regular reports of dogs attacking people and it is particularly distressing where children are involved.

Letters to the press not only complain about dangerous dogs but also about the growing problem of dogs fouling in the streets, parks and other grassy areas.

Fouling is a significant problem in Linlithgow and also in Kirkliston where I take my grand-daughter to nursery.

The numbers of dogs seem to be growing exponentially out of control.

The fixed penalty notice under Section 1 of the Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003 allows environmental wardens to issue a fixed penalty notice of £60. This sum is highly inadequate.

The Scottish Parliament should immediately seek to amend this law so that there is a minimum fine of £500.

I believe this would give two immediate benefits.

People would think before they purchased a dog, or in some cases two or more dogs, resulting in fewer attack type dogs for macho owners.

And there would be a lot less filth on the streets and areas where children play. – Yours etc.,

Clark Cross,

38 Springfield Road,