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Sir, – Page 37 of last week’s Gazette ASTOUNDED me!

I quote “We may have the hottest July day on record [NOT] and relatively little rain this month [NOT] but water companies are indicating they’re not going to introduce hosepipe bans this year ...” [YOU MUST BE JOKING!]

Just a wee reminder this is a Scottish local paper – NOT ENGLISH!

Tongue in cheek but so depressed with our weather – where is the sun except possibly before 8am and after 6pm? – Yours etc.,

Patricia Chapman

by email

coNteStANtS Sought

How is your


I am emailing from a TV company called Hungry Bear Media and we are currently looking for contestants for the second series of the hit ITV quiz show ‘1000 Heartbeats’, hosted by Vernon Kay.

We are looking for fun, out-going and confident contest-ants from across Scotland and from all walks of life to take part.

The quiz is made up of not only general knowledge but also picture puzzles, brainteasers and word games.

There is £25,000 up for grabs but the players must keep cool and calm under pressure as they are up against their own hearts.

If any readers are interested in taking part, email us at apply-1000heartbeats@hungrybear.tv for more information or to ask for an application form.

We will be holding national auditions across the UK in July and August. – Yours, etc.,


(assistant producer

paralympic legacy

Reignite the

flame please

Sir, – What a treat to see Team GB’s paralympians such as Hannah Cockroft and David Weir competing once more in the Olympic Stadium on National Paralympic Day.

It took me right back to the incredible euphoria of the London 2012 Games.

But three years on, has the Paralympic legacy survived? I work for Revitalise, a charity that provides respite holidays for disabled people and carers. We did a survey of our guests directly after the 2012 Paralympics and over half told us that they didn’t think the public had a better understanding of the lives of disabled people as a result of the Games. I dread to think what they might say now!

Disabled people have enormous potential. They want to play a part in society, to make a contribution, but all too often they are held back by the negative attitudes of society itself.

The 2012 Paralympics did an enormous amount of good, but until we start thinking in terms of what disabled people can do, not what they can’t, there is little prospect of any lasting change. That’s why events like the Anniversary Games are so important, because they remind us of something that is so often hidden from view.

So I’d like to ask your readers to help us reignite the Paralympic flame. Please join us in calling for a society where disabled people have the same opportunities to pursue their dreams and make a meaningful contribution to communities as everybody else.

For more information about our vital work, visit www.revitalise.org.uk or call 0303 303 0147. – Yours etc.,




Olympian calls

for support

Sir, – I am writing to ask you and your readers to join me in supporting the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) Schools events.

You can take part in physical activity that is fun, rewarding and heart healthy.

The activities will raise money for your school, as well as contribute to lifesaving research into heart disease.

I am urging schools in the Scotland to take part in a spon-sored Skipathon or game of Ultimate Dodgeball in aid of the fight against heart disease.

These events promote the importance of maintaining a healthy heart through regular exercise whilst raising funds for the BHF’s lifesaving work into the fight against heart disease.

The scheme also allows schools and youth groups to keep 20 per cent of the money they have raised, which they can put towards new equip-ment and resources to benefit their children.

Last year, British Heart Foundation’s school events raised an amazing £711,221. This year, we want to top this total and with your help we can.

Heart and circulatory conditions are responsible for nearly 15,000 deaths in Scotland each year. That’s over 40 people every single day.

We are asking the people of Scotland to sign up today and help the BritishHeart Founda-tion to continue to save lives.

To find out more and to sign up, visit bhf.org.uk/schools-event.


Olympic gymnast