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From our postbag of May 25, 2012

Write to your MP

Sir, - Christian Aid would like to thank the people of Linlithgow for their generous giving during last week’s door-to-door collection. At the time of writing, the total of the cash donations amounts to £10,762 with an additional sum from ‘Gift Aid’ amounting to £930. These totals are very comparable to previous year’s figures, and demonstrate the concern that townsfolk have for the poorest of the World’s Poor even in a time of austerity.

A big thank-you also to the brave band of collectors who went around the doors in bitter cold weather, apprehensive of their reception at “ red sticker” households.

Christian Aid is asking its supporters to write to their MP asking them to write to David Cameron or Andrew Mitchell, the Secretary of State for International Development, on the GDP commitment, the Robin Hood Tax, companies avoiding paying tax by using tax havens and green energy.

There is an urgency in taking this action as there is a G20 summit taking place in Mexico in mid-June. So please write this weekend . This would be democracy in action - and do away with the need for Christian Aid Weeks in the coming years. Yours, etc;


Brought to book

Sir, - I’d like to respond to Jackie’s piece about the joys of gadgetry, and in particular her Kindle.

I’m delighted that she’s enjoying using it, as apparently ereaders are suddenly responsible for an upsurge of interest in books and reading, all over the country.

However, I’d like you to consider a couple of alternative views, as most people do not realise that if they own a Kindle, they can only download from the ‘big river in South America’ - (whose name cannot be spoken in our shop).

The company which they are locked into, have bought up the rights to the cheapest editions of the books they supply, often with inferior type-set, and sometimes an abridged version, so virtually denying their customers the true value of the books supplied.

Our beleagured High Streets are enriched by the diversity of our shops, and every town centre needs a good bookshop - there has been one in Linlithgow since the first census was recorded, and that was probably the case throughout the country.

If we lose these and other speciality shops, we lose something from the fabric of our society, and from the enrichment of our lives.

We are very appreciative of our loyal local customers, and also frequent visitors from all over the world, and hope that we can continue to serve the community, with that unique experience found in a shop where the very tactile nature of the product is part of the appeal. Not only can you savour the pleasure from spending as much time as you wish, making your selection, you are able to leave with something which you will enjoy, and treasure, for the rest of your life. PS Drew’s Views, I agree! Yours, etc;


Far From the Madding Crowd


Friendly fun at Kinneil

Sir, - I wanted to thank the Journal and Gazette for helping us promote our “Night at Kinneil Museum” in Bo’ness – which included a free history walk from author Ian Scott.

More than 150 people turned up for the three hour event at Kinneil last Friday (May 18); not bad considering the poor weather.

I’d like to thank Museums Galleries Scotland which provided funding for the event to take place – and our partners at Falkirk Council and Falkirk Community Trust for their support.

In addition, I’d like to thank the firms which gave freebies for our goodie bags, given away on the night. The bags were very popular. Scottish Fine Soaps in Falkirk, Spar, Lidl and Farmfoods all deserve a mention. Tesco also gave a donation for a future raffle.

The Museum is now open from Monday to Saturday, from 12.30pm to 4pm, admission is free. Yours, etc;


Chair, Friends of Kinneil