Linlithgow Academy pupils banned from Domino’s

Pupils have been turned away from Domino's after litter complaints
Pupils have been turned away from Domino's after litter complaints

A parent has responded angrily to his daughter being refused service at a local pizza parlour due to a blanket ban on school pupils.

Kevin Bennett contacted the Gazette after the Linlithgow Academy pupil and a friend were turned away from Domino’s, in Falkirk Road, earlier this month.

Mr Bennett said: “My daughter was surprised as the previous week she had bought a pizza at Domino’s. When she enquired why she was refused service she was told it was due to complaints by local residents about litter.

“Domino’s has introduced a blanket policy of not serving any Linlithgow Academy pupils, regardless of time of day. I fully sympathise with the residents impacted by litter dropped by a lazy minority of our society, but the application of an age discriminatory policy is no less lazy.

“This does not educate anyone – it enforces the view discrimination is acceptable. No effort has been made to identify individuals responsible.”

A spokesperson for Domino’s Pizza Group said: “We have received several complaints from local residents regarding the littering of pizza boxes by Linlithgow schoolchildren.

“Our store manager discussed the issue with the school head teacher, who has requested we refrain from serving children when they are in uniform. We care about the environment and our relationship with the Linlithgow community so are happy to comply with this request.”

Linlithgow Academy refused to comment on the matter.