Linlithgow app reveals banner

New Linlithgow App banners on lampposts.
New Linlithgow App banners on lampposts.

An town centre app operated by volunteer-led tourism group Pride and Passion Linlithgow, whose catchline is - ‘Linlithgow – A Great Visit’ - has been rated as the highest usage town centre app in the UK.

There are on average 25,000 unique views on the group’s website every month and tourism webcams at Linlithgow Cross and at the canal basin attract over 4000 views every month worldwide.

To date there have been over 2750 downloads of the Linlithgow App, an up to the minute source of information and traders special offers for Linlithgow app users and visitors.

Ronnie Bamberry, vice-chairman of Pride and Passion Linlithgow said: “After a lot of hard work by the volunteers at Pride and Passion, it’s great to see the app being so well received by businesses and visitors alike.”

The group recently received £500 from the Town Centre Management Group, which was used to purchase banners promoting the app, which are now hanging proudly from lampposts within the town centre.

The app is free to download from the group’s website at