Linlithgow biscuit tin exhibition residents of the Vennel back in time

Lucy Noble with Biscuit Tin Exhibition for The Vennel residents.
Lucy Noble with Biscuit Tin Exhibition for The Vennel residents.

An imaginative exhibition in Linlithgow Library took residents of the Vennel back in time as they shared old stories and memories.

People were invited to bring their old photographs and other memorabilia of the flats to the library as part of a biscuit tin exhibition run by Lucy Noble (59).

Lucy said: “We started this biscuit tin exhibition, called that as traditionally it is where people stored their photographs, back in September and many residents provided us with excellent memories and stories from the past.”

The items have been photocopied and are on display in the library inside a glass case for all to see.

The flats, built in the late 1960s are a point of controversy, however Lucy is hopeful this project will give the block a voice.

“Some argue they should be knocked down, however I hope this will raise a sense of community within the residents and we will have a strong voice in Linlithgow.

“The flats need some work done to them, the gardens need renovated, however, nothing will happen unless we do something about it.”

With the exhibition being a success, Lucy has plans to repeat the event. From Monday, October 26 to Friday, October 30, she is hopeful more people will hand over old memories.

Future plans include taking the archived material to elderly residents of the Vennel and some of the local care homes.

Several local shops who sponsored the project are also going to display the photographs.