Linlithgow fashion show shreds the news

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TRASHION was the new buzz word at the 2012 Fashion and Performance costume show that went down a storm at Linlithgow Academy last week.

Fashion recycled from household litter, with everything from crisp packets to bottle tops, designed by S2 pupils, shimmied down the catwalk and wowed a packed out audience.

Linlithgow Academy Trash Fashion Show

Linlithgow Academy Trash Fashion Show

One of the most popular and largest collections was none other than Linlithgow Gazette creations, made from your very own local paper.

Art teacher Laura Watts said: “The designs are the product of the new S2 Art and Design Curriculum for Excellence. The pupils were encouraged to take initiative, creativity and responsibility for their own learning to create a design, which showcases not only their artistic talents but also their teamwork and problem solving skills. Also incorporated into the project was the teaching of current environmental waste issues by using only recycled materials to produce their garments.”

The flares, tassles, ruffles, dresses, and skirts showcased the hard work that pupils put in over the past three months in design and production.

Laura added: “There was a very good turnout, and a lot of support from parents and the community. They enjoyed it and were able to see how hard working the children are.”

One of the collections was a performance based outfit where pupils looked to the current catwalks, theatrical designs and the fashion industry for their inspiration. The Trashion collection featured recycled household items such as plastic bags and different colours of plastic. Another collection featured punk and futuristic creations with foil and metallic looking recyclables.