Linlithgow footpath adoption is better late than never

Residents are unhappy with the state of Springfield footpaths.
Residents are unhappy with the state of Springfield footpaths.
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A row has broken out over ownership and upkeep of the footpaths within Linlithgow’s 40-year-old Springfield estate.

Evidence recently emerged proving West Lothian Council had never adopted the paths.

Legally this meant that the ‘residents in common’ were financially responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the footpaths in the estate.

Worse still, should there have been an accident, residents could have been sued for damages.

The problem came to light when Isobel Darrien, of 120 Springfield Road, contacted the council to complain about water running from the path next to her house into the gable end of her home.

The council planned the work, then promptly cancelled.

Isobel contacted the relevant department only to be told the bombshell news that the council didn’t own the footpaths.

Following the intervention of local councillor and West Lothian Provost, Tom Kerr, the council has now agreed to take over legal responsibility of the footpath network.

A spokesman for the council said: “The footpaths have been constructed to an acceptable standard to be adopted. We will therefore assume responsibility for them from this point on.”