Linlithgow guitar teacher has online success

Gary Clinton has his song on Tony Hawk's YouTube channel Ride.
Gary Clinton has his song on Tony Hawk's YouTube channel Ride.

A songwriter has managed to get a tune licensed by Tony Hawk, introducing the alternative rocker to a whole new audience.

Gary Clinton (32) a guitar teacher in Linlithgow penned the song, It All Comes Down to This, over ten years ago, but continued to promote his back catalogue. The song has now been picked up by pro-skateboarding legend’s YouTube channel Ride.

Gary said: “It is the biggest achievement so far in my career, I am over the moon.”

The YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers and is affiliated to various sports all over the world. Gary is hopeful that this will propel his music worldwide.

The song was initially picked up by US record label Pulse Records, after Gary received advice on selling his music.

He said: “A chap from the PPL told me once that getting songs licensed and into libraries is like a box of fireworks, it can lay dormant for years but sometimes it explodes. So I am certainly hoping for a banger.”

In 2014 the song was cleared for use in exclusive song libraries used by major US TV sports producers and Gary is delighted.

“I believe you make your own luck, I need to keep sharing my music to make it successful.”

The contract signed allowed TNT/Turner television producers to use the song.

Gary is a member of instrumental riff-rockers Flux Velociraptor and intends to release their first EP in conjunction with the video on the skateboard YouTube channel for, It All Comes Down to This.

Gary has a history of doing well in bands, his first attempts saw him take his early projects, Nine Miles High and Tobasco Fiasco, from the unsigned circuits to major festival slots. He also earned national radio play and released solo EP’s which gained critical acclaim.

Not only has he had commercial success, his guitar lessons are a smash hit in Linlithgow that he was forced to move there to keep up with demand.

“I teach about 45-50 people a week, from primary five youngsters to retired pensioners. The guitar is for everyone.”

Gary’s life is non-stop music, from playing songs with his two year-old son, to shredding with his students and making hits with his band.

The Edinburgh university graduate said he his living his dream.

The producer he worked with is currently in Los Angeles trying to showcase Gary’s work to the gaming industry at a game expo.