Linlithgow Loch ‘is just rubbish’

Linlithgow Loch - unsightly rubbish around the town bay has angered a reader.
Linlithgow Loch - unsightly rubbish around the town bay has angered a reader.

The amount of rubbish lying around Linlithgow Loch has given one of our readers some cause for concern.

Lila Ishaya moved to Linlithgow two years ago and lives near to the loch where she regularly goes for a stroll. Recently she has become aware of the amount of debris in the water.

She told the Journal and Gazette: ‘‘I see a lot of new people visiting the town.

‘It is a gorgeous place which is pretty well looked after and even wins awards,but I feel the loch is a bit neglected.

‘‘Even the sign warning visitors not to feed the birds white bread has gone. I think nobody is paying attention to this part of the town and something should be done about it.”

The Journal & Gazette reported only in April this year that the waste bins around the Peel and Town Bay were overflowing with rubbish but now, it seems, discarded items have been dumped in the water near the southern shore of the loch where most resident and virtually every visting tourist will walk.

Ms Ishaya continued: ‘‘It is really unsightly.

‘‘I saw all kinds of things in the water from a door, to a couple of bicycles, a shovel, a traffic cone, something which looks like a net, plastic bags and bottles, cans of all sorts, nappies and I thought ‘yuk’!

‘‘I would gladly help if there’s anything I could do. There was an activity day shortly after I moved here to clean the area up and maybe we should have another one of those.”

Historic Scotland is responsible for the upkeep of Linlithgow Palace, The Peel and the loch which has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of the wildfowl which inhabit the area.

A spokeswoman for Historic Scotland defended their position and said: “We remove litter from Linlithgow Loch on a regular basis.

‘‘Larger items of litter are removed as and when we become aware of them and we will take steps to remove these particular items from the loch.

‘‘If you spot rubbish here contact the Linlithgow Peel Ranger Service on 01506 842065.”

Historic Scotland is a Scottish Government Agency set up to look after Scotland’s historic environment, and promoting its understanding and enjoyment.

The Ranger Service was set up in 1999 to help visitors to the Palace to enjoy themselves during their visit.

As well as keeping an eye out for rubbish they patrol and survey the area and lead educational events all year to ensure that the public know about the amenities of the sites they care for.