Linlithgow man has a ball at world record football match

A Linlithgow man had a ball in setting a new world record which saw him play football for a shattering 108 hours.

Stewart Millar, who coaches with Linlithgow Rose Community Football Club’s 2006 squad, joined 35 other players in West Sussex to form Heartbeat United FC for the marathon charity match which lasted four and a half days.

The mammoth game was organised to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation and the Shoreham memorial Fund. Stewart became involved through his work after one of his colleagues passed away from cardiac arrest aged just 38.

Stewart said: “I knew that the previous record of 105 hours was set last year in Edinburgh, by the Craig Gowans Trust from Falkirk so in a way I wanted to keep a little of the record local.”

Players in the game itself played in a shift pattern, meaning they had to play for up to eight hours at a time. The game kicked off on Monday, May 26 at 6am.

Stewart said: “There were some very hard times, not least of all playing through a thunderstorm for two hours at the start of an eight-hour shift. However, during the hard times, you’d quickly remember why you’re there, to raise money for important charities.”

The 45-year-old believes without a doubt it is one of the hardest challenges he has done in his life and that returning home with minor injuries is a small price to pay for charity.