Linlithgow MP to vote against Syria air strikes

Martyn Day will be voting against air strikes in Syria
Martyn Day will be voting against air strikes in Syria

Linlithgow’s Westminster representative will vote against air strikes on Syria in today’s house of Commons vote.

Martyn Day said strikes against the country will only cause more human suffering.

A 10-hour Commons debate is under way on the issue with the Prime Minister insisting strikes against terrorist organisation, the so-called Islamic State, IS, ISIS, ISIL or Daesh are necessary to protect Britain from the security threat it poses to citizens.

Over 100 MPs have already signed a cross-party amendment against the proposal, with key signatories including SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP, Green MP Caroline Lucas, Hywel Williams of Plaid Cymru, SDLP MP Alasdair McDonnell, Labour MP Graham Allen and Conservative John Baron MP.

Martyn Day said: “I will be voting against the UK taking part in air strikes in Syria.

“There is no shortage of bombing in Syria. Adding UK forces to the military tango in the skies will be militarily irrelevant and will only cause further human suffering in Syria.

“A major concern is that further bombing may only act to destabilise the area even more and play into the hands of the extremists. No military action should be entered into without a firm strategy for winning peace.”

The Prime Minister is expected to get a majority for air strikes once the votes are in which would see the UK join Russia, France and the US among others in bombing targets in Raqqa, said to be IS’s stronghold.

The vote is expected at 10pm tonight.