Linlithgow pays tribute to folk legend

Linlithgow Folk Festival The Wee Linties and Big Sandy.
Linlithgow Folk Festival The Wee Linties and Big Sandy.

Folk music fans flocked to Linlithgow on Saturday night to honour the work of the late, great Matt McGinn.

The songs, stories and poems of the Glasgow songwriter took centre stage at the annual tribute night in the Academy Theatre, which is the biggest fundraiser of the year for Linlithgow Folk Festival.

Artists from throughout central Scotland were joined by Linlithgow’s Burgh Piper, Ross Miller. Past Provost Bruce Jamieson, the Community Children’s Choir (the Wee Linties) and the Folk Festival Association.

A very special guest was Matt McGinn’s daughter, Eleanor, who came all the way from her home in Fuerteventura, where she teaches English.

The evening opened in dramatic style, with Ross Miller leading in the Wee Linties and a ten foot puppet called “Big Sandy”. They all then sang, “Rob Roy McGreegor”, which tells the story of “a very big Scotsman”!

The hilarity continued throughout the night and the cast included a giant poodle, a group of monkeys, an over-sized bee, two angels and an eight foot orange whale. Those taking part ranged from professional musicians, such as Duncan McCrone to five year old Linlithgow cousins, Eilidh Burns and Millie Crawford.

Folk Festival chairman, Murdoch Kennedy said: “The Matt McGinn Night is a well-loved event on the calendar and I would like to thank everyone who contributed towards what was another tremendous success.

“The proceeds help us to stage a whole range of free events at the Folk Festival in September, including the outdoor Nora Devine Stage at the Cross.

“Nora brought Matt McGinn to the old Linlithgow Folk Club on numerous occasions and it is great to see that their names are still being used to encourage

new talent.”