Linlithgow Players have banner taken for fourth time

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a BANNER belonging to the Linlithgow Players was stolen over the weekend leaving group members disappointed and out of pocket.

Fresh from their successful Plays and Wine nights last Friday and Saturday, as part of the Celebrate Linlithgow festival, they went to remove the tarpaulin banners in the town to advertise the event. But they soon discovered that one of the waterproof banners, opposite St Ninian’s Road and last seen on Saturday, had been taken.

Eleanor Bain of the Players said: “I am very dispirited that the banner has been stolen. This is the fourth incident we have had over the past few years.

‘‘On previous occasions it was returned, found in someone’s garden or, two years ago, it was found at the railings of the Low Port School. It must have taken them a bit of time to remove it as there were 15 ties fixing it to the railings.

“Those banners cost £130 to buy and we pay every time to get it relettered. We struggle to break even as it is. This is some way to Celebrate Linlithgow!”

The Players have reported the incident to the police and are asking anyone who may have it or know where it is to let them know. Contact Linlithgow Police Station on 01506 843235.