Linlithgow Provost’s Lamp should not be moved

The Lamp in front of the county buildings
The Lamp in front of the county buildings

A row has broken out over a proposal to shift the Provost’s Lamp which currently stands outside the County Buildings.

West Lothian Council is looking into refurbishing the lamp but also the possibility of moving it to outside the Burgh Halls.

If it is moved the lamp, which has the town’s emblem of a Black Bitch on its base, could be lit as the Burgh Halls has easier access to a power source.

Linlihgow Civic Trust chairman Chris Long said: “We 100 per cent agree and fully back the refurbishment. The lamp is an excellent attraction for the town so it should always be kept in good condition.

“However, we do not believe it should be moved to the Burgh Halls. There will be no real benefit in moving it and where it is just now, outside the County Buildings, is fine.

“We would rather have the lamp stay where it is and remain unlit than moved. We feel it is unnecessary.”

Linlithgow councillor David Tait agrees with the trust and cannot understand why the lamp needs to be moved.

He said: “The County Buildings are currently being renovated and soon there will be a lot more foot traffic outside the building so I do not see the need for the relocation.”

A West Lothian Council spokesman said: “A recent meeting of Linlithgow Town Centre Management group unanimously agreed that the Provost’s Lamp should be refurbished and re-sited to a more prominent location in the town. Council officers are currently investigating this possibility, and will provide an update to a future meeting of the group.”