Linlithgow’s baby Reuben makes New Year ‘best ever’

Big sister Skye has been helping mum and dad to look after baby Reuben
Big sister Skye has been helping mum and dad to look after baby Reuben

As revellers celebrated the start of 2016, one family from Linlithgow welcomed their newest arrival - baby Reuben John Irvine.

He came into the world at 4.50am on New Year’s Day at St John’s Hospital in Livingston, weighing 6lb 15oz, and proud parents Megan Proudlock (23) and John Irvine (27) said it was the “best ever” Hogmanay.

The couple’s daughter, six-year-old Skye, has been adapting to her new role as big sister to Reuben.

Medical dispenser Megan said: “She’s completely in love with him and is always holding him.

“She’s totally besotted.”

Since getting home from hospital, the family have been adjusting to life with a new baby and getting used to sleepless nights.

Megan said: “Reuben is perfect, he’s sleeping well. He is up for a feed every two hours, but he’s being breast fed so I expected that.

“I was due on January 1 and I couldn’t believe he actually came on my due date.”

The couple, who are planning to get married this summer, knew they were expecting a boy as they found out the sex of the baby at Megan’s 20-week scan.

After endless deliberations, Reuben was the only boy’s name they could agree on.

John, a broadband technician for Sky, said he was excited to “get back to reality” and tell people he has kids - plural - “which is a bit terrifying”.

He said: “I’ve got two weeks off work, so that’s two weeks of sleepless nights to look forward to, but I could not ask for a cuter wee boy.”