Linlithgow’s best barista takes Irn Bru coffee to competition

Coffee festival finalist Daniel Todd
Coffee festival finalist Daniel Todd

A student who works in a Linlithgow coffee shop made it to the finals of a barista competition with a special blend of coffee and Irn Bru.

Daniel Todd (17) has worked at Brodies in Linlithgow for just over a year and said he just loves all things coffee.

The physics student from Bo’ness came second in the Lever Barista Championship in Edinburgh after impressing judges with his coffee skills.

He said: “It’s served as a short shot of espresso with a dash of cold irn bru.

“It’s really sweet tasting, like a Wham bar.”

Contestants had to roast their own special blend of coffee and make an espresso, a flat white and a special concoction which allowed judges to gauge their expertise.

Daniel said: “I panicked when I realised I had to make a special coffee but then I remembered I was Scottish and I wanted to make something Scottish.”

He lives in student halls in Edinburgh but travels home to Bo’ness at weekends to allow him to keep his job at Brodies.

He said: “I love working there. Margaret, the owner, was really supportive and even some of the customers have been congratulating me. “A few of them have said how clever the special drink was.”

Edinburgh’s first ever coffee festival took place last weekend.