Linlithgow’s Hayley acts up a storm in Hollywood

Hayley McLaughlin is set to appear in American television series The Librarians
Hayley McLaughlin is set to appear in American television series The Librarians

A woman from Linlithgow is about to grace the silver screen after making a go of an acting career in Hollywood.

Hayley McLaughlin is set to appear in the hit American television series The Librarians as well as feature films due for release in 2016.

She now lives in Los Angeles but grew up in Linlithgow before securing a scholarship to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood, the school which taught Robert Redford, Lauren Bacall and Anne Hathaway.

Her American visa ran out after graduating and she lived in London for a while but her heart was in LA, so she moved across the pond once again to pursue her career, with the backing of supportive parents Jim and Ann McLaughlin.

She said: “I’ve been back in LA for a year, and I couldn’t be happier. It hasn’t always been easy, but I believe that if you’re happy with where you’re living, that’s where you’ll flourish.”

The highlight of her year was filming for a guest starring role in The Librarians alongside ER’s Noah Wyle, and Rebecca Romijin from Ugly Betty.

She said: “I remember sitting in the car before the audition and doing my usual pep talk to myself. I just knew there was no-one else for this role, so I went in and fought tooth and nail for it.

“It’s the rare tears of joy that make all the disappointments worthwhile.”

Hayley was also recently approved to have a green card, which allows her to continue to work and live in America.

She said: “I thought to myself ‘why have I chosen this as my home?’ and it isn’t just the weather! It’s the creativity of the people and the majority of this city is gifted with an open mind.

“But I miss the people back home, the sense of humour and genuine feel. Those roots will never be shaken.”

The Librarians is released worldwide in December.