Linlithgow set to get Krafty brewery

A selection of the funky bottles crafted by Krafty Brew
A selection of the funky bottles crafted by Krafty Brew

Beer lovers will be able to quench their thirst with a local beer at Linlithgow’s Star and Garter Hotel when a small brewery opens.

John Ward recently completed his takeover of the hotel, 
becoming majority shareholder, and the businessman is planning on bringing his booming beer business, Krafty Brew, with him to the Star and Garter.

He said: “The brewery is currently located in an industrial estate in Edinburgh, but the plan is to bring it exclusively to Linlithgow, offering great opportunities for the town.”

John sold his previous business a few years ago and got involved with Krafty Brew with his son.

He said: “My son came to me with this business and it needed a little bit of help. 
“So I purchased Krafty Brew and now we run the business together.”

John explained one selling point of Krafty Brew compared to others on the market.

He said: “Our brew is 100 per cent natural. A lot of others use some chemicals to make the shelf life last longer, but we don’t.”

The brewery is due to open towards the end of April and fans of beer will be excited by what is on offer.

John said: “We will offer tours of the brewery for anyone wanting to know the ins and outs of beer making. 
“Also tasting sessions and most importantly people will be able to spend the day creating their own Krafty Brew from scratch and being sent the finished product a few weeks later.

“With the brewery being next to the hotel people will be able to spend a full day or stay overnight, boosting the tourism in Linlithgow.”

Krafty Brew also offers punters the opportunity to design their own beer labels.

The new owner has more plans for the Star and Garter, including bringing live music back in an attempt to bring more footfall into the iconic hotel.

He said: “The hotel was being run brilliantly by Ross Wilkie and David Kennedy. I am just aiming to boost its popularity even further and also spread the word about Krafty Brew.”

As soon as the equipment has been delivered and put in place John can plan for his opening in April.

He said: “I am really looking forward to delivering Krafty Brew to Linlithgow.”