Linlithgow sixth year pupils put their soul into televised cookery challenge

submitted pic
submitted pic

pupils at Linlithgow Academy will run their own takeaway this Monday in a unique project being filmed for the BBC.

Since the start of term, a group of sixth year pupils, named Teen Canteen, have been preparing to take on the take aways by opening a pop up restaurant from their school kitchen. They have had to learn all about food, kitchens and cash flow for the challenge.

On Monday, Teen Canteen will serve Scottish Soul Food, seasonal food using the best of Scottish produce, to create healthy meals.

The menu will feature favourites such as beef stew, pork and herb sausage hot pot and wild garlic soup.

Through market research, the group discovered many people like to customise their meals, so they have created a variety of garnishes. Side dishes include creamy mash with wild garlic and purple potatoes.

To promote the project, the sixth year pupils will launch a fork hunt in Linlithgow 
tonight (Friday).

They are hiding branded forks throughout the town and anyone who brings five back to the food outlet at the school, will be given a gift.

To research their project, the sixth years travelled to some of Scotland’s top companies, including Perthshire’s Monachyle Mhor Hote, and Edinburgh’s Leith Agency.

The pupils ran an afternoon tea event at Linlithgow Burgh Halls in February, and last Sunday they took part in the first ever Scottish Soul Food Take Down where some of Scotland’s top chefs put their skills to a public vote.

Two groups of pupils took part in the contest, where they were mentored by top Edinburgh chefs Neil Forbes and Mark Greenaway.

The launch of Teen Canteen is being filmed as part of a BBC project which has been charting the progress of the pupils.

The series will transmit later this year and is being made by Finestripe Productions. To find out more go to