Linlithgow Twinning Association visits Guyancourt.

French twinning committee welcoming Linlithgow contingent to Versailles
French twinning committee welcoming Linlithgow contingent to Versailles

The enjoyment that Scottish people gain from visiting France was again evident during Linlithgow Twinning Association’s exchange visit to Guyancourt during the Easter weekend.

Thirty eight people were given a right ‘royal’ welcome by the Comite de Jumelage, beginning with a reception on the Friday evening, then it was back to the homes of local residents where the guests were hosted.

The theme of the weekend was an exploration of different types of national and local gardens. The first visit was to the pre-revolutionary King’s Vegetable Garden at Versailles which is now a horticultural college and a centre for research into growing methods of fruit trees.

There was, of course, plenty time for laughter, fun and friendship during the weekend while enjoying incomparable French food and wine. It is now thirty years exactly since the first contacts were made between Linlithgow and Guyancourt secondary schools. These were soon followed by visits between rugby teams from both towns which continue right up to the present day. Annual exchange visits soon got going and have continued since, often involving sports and musical groups.

Twinning is open to all who live in Linlithgow and neighbouring areas. You don’t need to speak French, only to have an interest in the country .

Further information about the Association is abailable from Allan Macleod on 01506 842594.