Linlithgow welcomes The Drowsy Chaperone

LAMP production of The Drowsy Chaperone
LAMP production of The Drowsy Chaperone

Linlithgow was entertained this week by another production from LAMP which had viewers laughing from start to finish.

As the curtain rose for the start of the play the fourth wall was immediately torn down as the audience are greeted by the Man in the Chair (Cameron Leask).

He declares his love of musicals and asks if he can play us a recording of his favourite, the Drowsy Chaperone from 1928.

The stage then bursts into song and dance as all the characters are introduced during the opening number.

The play revolves around the impending wedding of Broadway star Janet Van De Graff (Shona Fraser) and oil tycoon Robert Martin (Graeme Scott). However, not everything goes to plan. Cases of mistaken identity, pastry chef gangsters and a dance routine, blindfolded on roller skates, ensures the audience is entertained throughout the show.

The talent on offer is incredible; the singing of the Drowsy Chaperone (Sheila Rodgers) which fills the room, the hip action of Aldolpho (Les Fulton) the Latino lover, the song and dance routines and the toe-tapping tap dance from the leading man and George the Best Man (Connor Watt) are just a few of the many highlights of the play. The show is on tonight (Friday) before ending on Saturday. Tickets are available at