Local author unveils her debut novel

Front cover of Mary Easson's debut novel
Front cover of Mary Easson's debut novel
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West Lothian author, Mary Easson unveiled her debut novel in a showstopping event in the Star and Garter last week.

“Black Rigg” is set in a Scottish mining village in the year 1910. The story unfolds during a period of social and economic change when the foundations of modern Scotland were being laid.

Working people and women began to challenge the status quo but landowners, the church and the justice system resisted.

Issues, such as class, power, injustice, poverty, and community are raised by the narrative in powerful and dramatic style.

Comic and tragic by turns, but always uplifting, it is a love story, a coming of age story and a social history of industrial Scotland at a crucial time in the development of modern society.

Black Rigg is destined to become the standard exposition of the multi-layered levels of Scottish social mores and manners across all classes in the rapidly changing years of the early 20th Century.

Mary Easson is more incisive than Mrs Gaskell and more realistic than previous couthy accounts of this period.

Laure Deprez, managing director of Ringwood Publishing said: “The launch was a great success, the venue was packed and local band Holm entertained the audience with a fine selection of tunes. The formal bit involved readings by Mary’s siblings and Q&A session with a panel of Ringwood authors: Sandy Jamieson, Alwyn James, Charles P. Sharkey and of course, Mary Easson herself. It’s a fascinating guide and a great read.”

Mary Easson was born and lives with her family in West Lothian. She has a degree in Geographical Studies from the University of St Andrews and has spent most of her working life in education. In 2011, she gained a MRes in Environmental History from the University of Stirling.