Local clean up glen in Queensferry

Local tidy up the Ferry Glen
Local tidy up the Ferry Glen

SEA Cadets and members of the public got together last weekend to help clear up the Ferry Glen in Queensferry.

More than 30 people, both the cadets and Friends of Ferry Glen members took part in a joint exercise to clear the overgrown pathway through Ferry Glen. A mixture of nettles and overhanging brambles were cut back and the path cleared of grass and weeds.

At the same time neighbours in Ashburnham Gardens and Ashburnham Loan also came together to clear the overgrown path stretching from Ashburnham down to the cycleway.

Gordon Wood, chairman of Friends of Ferry Glen said: “In all some 30 adults and children took part in this rewarding work that proved to be an excellent community event. At the close everyone returned home, tired but content!”