Look out for your improved newspaper

Gazette editor Colin Hume
Gazette editor Colin Hume
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Readers will notice a few changes when the Journal & Gazette hits the streets next week.

Following our relaunch last year, we have been getting regular feedback and conducted a survey in several stores earlier this summer.

Now we are using this information to make your local newspaper even better.

As well as a bright new look, there will be better navigation and clearer sections to enable you to find what you want more easily.

There will also be an increased focus on local news and several new columns and features to meet the demands and expectations of our readers.

Editor Colin Hume said: ‘‘Our relaunch was never meant to be the final stage in the evolution of the Journal & Gazette.

‘‘We are always pleased to receive feedback from our readers and we are delighted that months of hard work to get the paper just how we want it is finally bearing fruit.

‘‘Having consulted readers fully before making these latest changes, we are sure that the new-look Journal & Gazette will be welcomed.

‘‘However, the changes are not just cosmetic. We want to reinforce our position as the voice of the towns we serve and will continue our work to ensure we provide the best possible coverage.’’