Mains burn wires cause concern

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SERIOUS concerns over a telephone cable strung across the Mains Burn were voiced by locals last week after it was seen loaded down with debris and sagging.

Alistair Gentleman, president of Linlithgow Angling Club, was on a walk surveying the burn when he saw the cable down by the path opposite Aldi’s on Falkirk Road.

He said: “We couldn’t be sure if they were power or telephone cables but either way, we don’t think they should have been left in this condition anywhere, let alone where children would be within feet of them.”

After the Journal and Gazette contacted BT, telephone engineers inspected the cable last Wednesday.

Mitch Reid, senior press officer at BT Scotland, said: “We have inspected the cable, which is intact, and we have asked our planners to draw up an alternative routing for it. Thanks to the Journal and Gazette for bringing this to our attention.”