Making fitness fun is the aim at gym expansion

Laura McLaren gym manager is excited for everyone to get to grips with the extension
Laura McLaren gym manager is excited for everyone to get to grips with the extension

One woman’s mission to make staying fit and healthy fun and accessible for all has led to a state of the art gym being built in Linlithgow.

Gym manager Laura McLaren has thought of little else for months than an expansion to Xcite, which is now up and running.

She hopes to not only introduce more people to the gym but also open it up to those who don’t usually exercise by creating a welcoming and supportive environment.

She said: “It’s about coming in and having a play and changing people’s perception. Even for our existing members, just showing them that there’s so much more.

“I just want to show them that there’s so many different exercises out there, different things that they can do to achieve whatever goals they have. I think it’s brilliant.”

The weights section has deliberately been placed in the centre of the room and she hopes this will mean more women and older people will feel comfortable to use the equipment and it is not monopolized by the body builders and fitness fanatics out there.

She is working on creating a timetable of new fitness classes, including a range for children aged eight to 12-years-old and hopes that parents will be able to work out while their children are enjoying their very own class.

Laura also intends to bring the gym out into the community by working with local schools, potentially running boot camp sessions with children but with the day to day running of the gym ideas take time to become a reality.

A brand new Omnia from Technogym and Kinesis machines have been installed and Laura said the options people have will be enhanced when it comes to getting fit.

Those with injuries or even reduced mobility can be supported through the functions of the equipment and staff will be on hand to assist.

She said: “You just have to show people what the capabilities of the equipment is, and what you can get from it.”