Man hurt in ‘freak’ crash

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A MAN was run over on Linlithgow High Street last Thursday in a ‘freak accident’ during rush hour.

Ian McCurrach (56) of Mains Road, was hit by a car around 5.40pm as he walked home from work. It is thought a parked car rolled from outside the library over to the other side of the High Street, mounted the pavement, and crashed into Ian who hit the window of the Little Owls Bookshop.

When wife Valerie (57) received a phone call to say her husband had been knocked over, she couldn’t believe it.

She said: “Ian works as a civil servant in Edinburgh and he had just got off the train and was minding his own business walking down the High Street. He heard someone shouting and turned round to look, but his next memory is one of lying on the pavement. He doesn’t remember what happened.”

The impact of the car took out a concrete bollard, smashed the bookshop window leaving glass in Ian’s hand, and broke his pelvis.

Valerie added: “It’s been a disastrous year for him - it started with a hernia last year, he was then diagnosed with bowel cancer and had to get chemotherapy. Then he had DVT in his leg after he fell down the stairs, and also had a haematoma in his arm which meant he had to have a fasciotomy, where they drain the blood out.

“There was the threat he might have DVT again this time but fortunately he hasn’t. Surgeons decided not to operate on his pelvis and it will heal itself eventually. He is having physiotherapy and they have now got him out of bed trying to get him to walk. He previously had the DVT in his left leg, but this injury is affecting his right leg.”

It is thought Ian will be in hospital for another week to help him recover.

Valerie added: “He was in shock to begin with - you just think, what next? But now he’s a bit more like himself. We will have to see when he gets out how things are and how long it will take to heal.”

Local police, 12 Lothian and Borders firefighters and paramedics rushed to the scene on Thursday.

A fire service spokesperson said: “Members of the public removed the vehicle prior to the fire service arriving. We assisted making the vehicle safe.”

Sergeant John Jackson said: “Inquiries are still ongoing as to what happened. If anyone saw the incident, they should contact local police.”

Jill Pattle at Little Owls Bookshop said: “The accident happened after the shop had closed and we didn’t know anything about it until the police phoned us to make the window safe. It was a freak accident.”

The smashed window was replaced on Monday morning but repairers found damage on the other window frame which will also need to be fixed.

Valerie thanked all those who helped Ian after his accident, the paramedics who worked on him at the scene, the doctors who drove out from ERI, the police, the fire brigade and the ambulance service.