Marches Day starts bright and early with the Deacons’ Court breakfast

Provost Carlin and his Bailies walk back along the High Street
Provost Carlin and his Bailies walk back along the High Street

The Deacons’ Court staged its Provost’s Breakfast in the upper hall while the lower hall played host to the Rotary Club of Linlithgow and Bo’ness.

The main attraction, however, was Provost Jim Carlin’s event and he and fellow top table guests were given a standing ovation when they marched in.

The guests included Pastor David Todd, Ross McIntosh, Barbara Braithwaite, Junior Bailie Derek Green, Willie Young, Ian Fyfe, Middle Bailie Liz Park, Senior Bailie John Cunningham, Fiona Hyslop MSP, Tom Kerr, Baron Bailie Bobby Fleming, Bob Hardie and the Provost’s wife, Vickie.

The Provost welcomed everyone to what was the Deacons’ Court’s 40th 

He took time to praise the work of former provosts who are no longer with us - Bill Wilson, David Cook, Ian Stobie, Jim Whyte and Ken Lindsay - and those who were in attendance - Tom Baird, Hector Woodhouse, David Rae, Bruce Jamieson and Norman Cummings.

Pastor Todd was invited to say Grace and reminisced on what the Marches meant to him and his late father, also David, who was a Deacons’ Court member. 
 Saying it was such an honour, he broke from proceedings to take a ‘selfie’ with the Provost.

The Reply was given by Ian Fyfe, a Mancunian, who has lived in Linlithgow for the past 30 years.

A close friend of the Provost’s, Ian said it was an honour to speak before such a gathering for in his former workplaces, as a director at Ineos and as a Grade One football referee, he would never have been given such a warm welcome.