Mary Queen of Scots in 3D

submitted pic
submitted pic
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A 3D likeness of what Mary, Queen of Scots, would have looked like during her reign, has been created by experts at the University of Dundee.

The virtual sculpture is currently on display at the National Museum of Scotland as part of an exhibition on the monarch’s life, which started in Linlithgow Palace.

Professor Caroline Wilkinson, from the Forensic and Medical Art Research Group, worked from existing portraits and from what is known of Mary’s biography to reconstruct her face as it would have been from the age of 19 to 26, a time when no portrait record exists of her.

Professor Wilkinson said: “She is not what you would describe as a classic beauty. Mary had quite a big nose and a strong chin so when you describe her verbally she doesn’t sound attractive, but the paleness of her skin, red hair, and strong features meant she had a very striking appearance.”

The head and neck model is more an artistic representation of the Queen, due to a lack of skeletal remains. The ‘Mary, Queen of Scots’ exhibition runs at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh until November 17.