Master plan being formed for Bangour

130412  Bangour village hospital.
130412 Bangour village hospital.

For nine years the former Bangour Village Hospital has lain derelict but a master plan is now being created for the site to make it more attractive for developers.

The hospital buildings have deteriorated over the years due to bad weather, theft and vandalism, and what was once the central hub for medical services in the Journal and Gazette area has been left stripped of many of its original features, including lead and copper from the roofs.

The increase in vandalism has led owners NHS Lothian to increase security, employing Profil Security on a 24/7 basis at a cost of £300,000 a year, and some buildings have been fenced off. But a steering group has now been set up, including NHS Lothian, West Lothian Council, and Historic Scotland, to create a master plan for the site.

George Curley, director of operations facilities at NHS Lothian, said: “NHS Lothian continues to work closely with West Lothian Council and other key stakeholders to develop a marketing strategy for the sale of this site. This will help to promote Bangour as a viable area for development.

“Various companies have expressed an interest in 
developing the area and we are working with our partners to develop a master plan for the site.”

Provost Tom Kerr welcomed the news saying: “If this moves forward, I would be highly delighted. I remember the old local hospital, and the fantastic sports facilities up there, and most people, if not everyone, would be delighted to see something being done. I look forward to seeing the plan.”

The master plan will be submitted to West Lothian for approval when complete.