Meeting discusses Bridgend’s dog foul problem

The meeting  will hopefully bring an end to Bridgend's dog mess issues
The meeting will hopefully bring an end to Bridgend's dog mess issues

Dogs not under control and owners not picking up after their pets were the main topics of a public meeting in Bridgend this month.

Many locals had approached the Bridgend Bulletin Group to highlight the issues in and around the children’s play park and when walking around the village.

Bulletin spokeswoman Moira Foss said: “The matter had been highlighted in the recent bulletins but it had very little effect.”

So a public meeting was held on August 2 in the community centre where Councillor Tom Conn and two environmental services representatives attended.

They clarified the council had only received two reports of dog fouling and no reports of uncontrolled dogs and reminded people to contact the council if they are harassed by dogs off their leads.

Following an inspection of the park, a team is to be sent out to clear up the dog mess, broken glass and litter left lying around.

Environmental services also agreed to investigate the possibility of putting up a sign in the park requesting all dogs to be kept on leads.

Moira said: “We also asked for more bins to be provided along the old school path and for the street lights to be fixed.

“The council confirmed the path has now been cleared and the lights will be repaired.”

The aim of the meeting was to get the message across to everyone to pick up after their pets and since then Moira said she has noticed less dog mess left on the ground.

She said: “Maybe the message is getting through.”