Meg is just Wright for title

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A former Gala Day Queen is hoping to be crowned the winner of a personality and beauty contest.

Meg Wright (22) was the Queen at Linlithgow Gala Day in 2005 and is aiming to become the first woman from the town to win Miss West Lothian since the charity event started in 1994.

Meg says she’s lively and energetic and does pole fitness. And she’s hoping to not only fly high in the competition but also as a mechanic in the RAF.

She said: “I’m applying for the RAF. It’s something a bit different. I feel as though the effect of dental nursing has worn off. There’s so many opportunities and benefits with the RAF.

“My cousin Nicky is in the RAF and he tells me he gets to travel the world. It sounds great.”

Meg grew up in Linlithgow and went to Linlithgow Primary School. She was the Gala Day Queen aged 11 and now she has another crown in her sights.

She said: “I’ve seen the competition come up every year and my mum Margaret mentioned it to me so I thought why not!

“It would be nice to win but it is just a bit of fun. There’s so many pretty girls that have entered and my family and friends have been so supportive. It’s going to a good cause which is great.”

Entries are now being taken for the event with the proceeds going to the charity SANDS Lothians.

An entry form is now available at the website

Entrants should be aged 16 or over by 5 April.