Molly’s seen so many changes in 100 years

100-year-old  Mary Jane Hardie
100-year-old Mary Jane Hardie

There have been many changes during Mary Jane Hardie’s lifetime - but that’s because she celebrated a very special birthday last week - her 100th!

Born on April 26, 1915 in Aberdeenshire, where she was brought up with her brother Alexander Gordon, Molly, as she is known, had a carefree childhood in the rural countryside.

With the advent of WW2 in 1939, Molly joined up to do her bit for King and country and was enlisted in the WAAF as a radar operator where she served for six years until the end of the conflict.

She married her husband Philip Hardie in Montrose in 1945 and moved to Linlithgow where Philip ran his own ‘aerated waters’ business.

Molly subsequently helped out in the company, which manufactured lemonade and carbonated water.

We asked Molly what was the biggest change she had witnessed in her lifetime was, to which she replied: “Technology, definitely technology. When I was younger if anyone had told me that you would be able to have a telephone, which would work anywhere and was the size of a pack of cards I’d never have believed them.”

Molly put her recipe for such a long life down to the odd glass of red wine, as well as good clean living, with a little bit of everything in moderation. “As long as you don’t 
overdo it, you won’t go far wrong” she said.

Molly was delighted with the numerous cards and 
messages received on her big day.