Money for green spaces

AN INNOVATIVE orphan land project is offering £500 grants to help kick-start the transformation of neglected pieces of ground into looked-after green spaces.

Groups across the Falkirk Council area are urged to follow on the heels of two successful pilot schemes in Denny and Falkirk. Small areas prone to dog fouling, litter and flytipping were transformed into bright, colourful community spaces.

To access funding, constituted groups must identify a piece of orphan land, try to identify its ownership, outline future developments of the space and organise a maintenance programme to ensure sustainability.

Councillor Craig R Martin, environment and community safety vice convener, said: “Falkirk Council’s litter strategy is tackling the blight of litter, dog fouling and flytipping in our areas through various methods including effective street cleaning, education and the application of a law enforcement deterrent.

“Orphan land is an area of land that is unmaintained, often derelict plots of land. “They are frequently an eyesore for the people that live nearby. The majority of the orphan land is privately owned unadopted land which is therefore not generally maintained by the council.”

The litter team will give help and support throughout the projects. Partners include Falkirk Council’s criminal justice team and housing service. Contact community litter officer Hania Smith on 01324 504628.