Month long ticket to ride is cheap solution

Bus fare benefits
Bus fare benefits

Commuters on the Stagecoach 40/40A service between Queensferry and Edinburgh

are being offered a cut-price online ticket deal.

The company has up until now offered an Edinburgh megarider+ ticket for just £15 per week. This offer has now ceased.

The Edinburgh megarider+ ticket allowed unlimited travel throughout Queensferry and Edinburgh for seven days.

Although this weekly ticket offer has now been withdrawn, customers can still benefit from a weekly cost of £15 by purchasing a longer period ticket online.

A four week Edinburgh mega-rider+ ticket is £60, so regular passengers can revert to this option to retain the cheaper price.

Andrew Jarvis, managing director Stagecoach East Scotland, said: “Along with the improvements to the 40/40A timetable this week, we’re finally removing the weekly megarider offer which has been in place for almost 11 months – nine months longer than was initially advertised!

“Although the weekly Edinburgh megarider+ ticket will revert back to its original £18, it is still possible to pay just £15 a week for travel between Queensferry and Edinburgh by buying the four week Edinburgh megarider+ online, at just £60.

“As an additional offer for Queensferry residents, we’re extending the January sale for the whole month of February so they can get 20 per cent off the four week ticket for yet another month.

“And they can set the start date of the ticket around a month in advance too so they can still be travelling at a greatly reduced rate into March.”

Tickets can be bought online at and the new timetable for the 40/40A service is also available to download at the same web address.