MP demands action to push Living Wage above £10 per hour

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Half of working women in Linlithgow and East Falkirk earn under £10 an hour, before tax, while for men it’s around a third.

The figures are being flagged up by local MP Martyn Day, who says the UK “sham National Living Wage” has suppressed wages at £7.50 per hour for over-25’s, and just £6.50 for those aged 18 to 20.

He said: “The SNP’s general election manifesto supported a UK-wide move to increase the minimum eage to the level of the real Living Wage, meaning all workers would earn more than £10 per hour by 2022 - creating a new single rate for adults.

“Scotland already has the highest proportion of workers paid the Living Wage of any country in the UK and has taken action in government to ensure that all public sector employees earn the real Living Wage.

“All parties at Westminster should get on board with that vision and give Scotland the powers and the finance to deliver what’s best for the people of Scotland.”

The figures he quotes for local wages are from April 2016, the latest period for which data are available, and are for part-time and full-time posts combined.