MP ensures Craigiehall debate continues in Parliament

Mike Crockart MP for Edinburgh (South Queensferry's MP)
Mike Crockart MP for Edinburgh (South Queensferry's MP)
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EDINBURGH West MP Mike Crockart has called upon the MOD to rethink their proposals to close Craigiehall.

He spoke out at last week’s debate on the progress of defence reform and the Strategic Defence and Security Review.

Since the announcement to close Edinburgh’s historic army estate, the MP has argued the case for Craigiehall in his constituency as well as the City’s Redford and Dreghorn barracks.

He said: “I have asked over 80 Parliamentary Questions but there are still no real answers to many of the fundamental financial questions.

Mr Crockart added: ‘‘It puts the financial case for the sell-off and move to a ‘superbarracks’ on a very shoogily peg.

“The closure of the Craigiehall HQ would have a significant impact on civilians currently employed there.

‘‘I believe there are clear efficiency savings to be made in co-locating headquarters at Craigiehall. I urge the MOD to think again.”

Members of the public can join the MP in his campaign for the future of Craigiehall on his website at