MP takes campaign to airlines

Christine Jardine MP
Christine Jardine MP

Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine has taken her campaign to improve aircraft accessibility for disabled people to representatives of the UK’s major airlines.

The Liberal Democrat MP has been calling for better access for people with reduced mobility when getting on and off planes, after receiving several reports of undignified and uncomfortable experiences from disabled constituents. At a meeting last week Ms Jardine discussed ideas focussing on cabin modification, tightening up industry standards and public information campaigns, with Francesca Hinton from Airlines UK and Celine McGuigan, the accessibility & assistance manager for EasyJet.

Speaking after meeting the airline representatives, Ms Jardine commented: “Last week’s meeting was very constructive, but it is clear that the solution to this problem does not lay in the hands of one single stakeholder.

“We need a joined up approach involving airlines, airports and regulators in both Westminster and Brussels to ensure that existing standards are tightened up and properly enforced.

“Edinburgh Airport has always shown itself to be a positive example when it comes to accessibility issues, and I will be reaching out to see if directors there can take a lead in promoting better aircraft access at airports across the country.”