MPs concern

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MP Mike Crockart says residents in Queensferry must not be forgotten over the new Forth Bridge.

The Edinburgh West MP visited the site of the proposed new Forth crossing with Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg MP, and the Secretary of State to Scotland, Michael Moore MP, last Thursday.

MP Crockart said: “I welcome, of course, the new plans which have been brought forward which will allow the Scottish Government to have access to additional money this year, permitting it to invest in capital projects like the construction of a new Forth bridge.

“However, whilst I am pleased that the Deputy Prime Minister and the Secretary of State have visited the site, we must ensure that the residents of Queensferry are not going to be forgotten as the new bridge is constructed.

“I am committed to ensuring the project has the least possible impact on local residents, and believe that it’s vital that the Government are made aware of the very real concerns that many residents have. After all, the new bridge is going to be a massive project, bringing many years of disruption to many people.”