Multi million projects to transform Linlithgow

breaking news
breaking news

A LIST of potential projects to transform Linlithgow have been drawn up by local groups.

The draft list has been created by members of Transition Linlithgow and Burgh Beautiful to be considered by Linlithgow’s Town Management Group (TMG), which meet every month and have a budget for local projects.

Among the proposed ideas are:

*A pavement mosaic, portraying the ancient burgh seal of Linlithgow placed outside the entrance to the County Buildings, at a cost of £3500

*Additional March stones placed on the proposed route of the Marches perambulation, at a cost of £5000 for 10.

*Improvements to the overgrown area behind the Ross Doocot at Learmonth Gardens, including clearance of undergrowth/
rubbish, pruning/replacement of trees and path/stairway upgrading, and potential for a light show, at a cost of £10,000.

The most expensive ideas on the list include reroofing Linlithgow Palace at a cost of £6-10 million and a £2 million redevelopment of the Vennel with provision for specialist shops, a food outlet such as M and S Simply Food linked to the Vennel Car Park, and an improved pedestrian link to the Loch.

The ideas will now be discussed by the TMG who are currently sitting on a balance of £40,932.

Chairman Tom Conn said: “We want to get groups to come together and give us ideas. Some may have big price tags attached, but these are all ideas we can discuss. Some of them could be done quite quickly, whereas others could take longer.”