Mum claims daughter was far from in safe hands with Mike’s

Farm track leading from main Winchburgh to Linlithgow road
Farm track leading from main Winchburgh to Linlithgow road

A 17-year-old female was left to walk alone – up a dark farm track at 1am – as her taxi driver claimed he “didn’t know where he could get turned”!

Teenager Alice Horsburgh, of Glendevon Farm Cottages in Winchburgh, was forced to get out of the taxi and walk nearly half a mile home on her own.

Alice was attending a party in Kirkliston with 10 of her friends and had pre-booked local Linlithgow taxi company, Mike’s Taxis to collect the group at 12.20am.

Having dropped off the first part of the party in Winchburgh, when the driver reached the farm access road he told Alice he couldn’t travel up the tarmaced road as he didnt know where he would be able to turn the 16-seat minibus.

When her daughter hadn’t arrived home by 12.45am, mum Jill was starting to get worried and by 1.15am, when Alice walked through the door, she was extremely concerned.

She said: “I couldn’t work out why she was so late, so to hear that she had been told to get out and walk home by a taxi driver, I was furious.”

Despite being promised a reply to her complaint, Jill is still waiting to hear from the company.

Mike’s Taxis website states: “With many years’ experience, you can rest assured that you will be in the safest of hands”.

A company spokesman told us: “As a responsible and fully licensed taxi service, we would never ever drop a teenage female off to walk home alone in the dark and dispute the version of events that is being portrayed by this young lady and her family.

“In this case, our driver was asked by the female to drop her where he did. He had no idea how far she had to walk to get home.

“At no time did he say to her he didn’t think he’d get the vehicle turned. This is the first complaint we’ve had in 10 years of trading.”

However, Jill hit back: “I dispute vehemently this fantastical idea that my daughter would ever agree to be dropped off where she was. It’s absolute nonsense.

“Why would Alice say that a vehicle couldn’t be turned when combine harvesters and removal vans use it, which she is well aware of?

“I spoke to my daughter who is very clear that when she gave her address the driver said “do you mean the farm track, I’ll not get down there” leaving her with the clear impression he wasn’t prepared to take her home.

“Unfortunately, she wasnt confident enough to argue the point with him.”