Mum’s the word for Kian’s early arrival

Kian with mum Mairi and gran Sylvia.
Kian with mum Mairi and gran Sylvia.

For parents Mairi and Stuart McLay, her mum’s front garden wasn’t quite the location they had in mind for the birth of their latest family addition!

Little Kian Stuart McLay made his unscheduled entry into this world last week as mum and dad, along with son Lewis (1), and the family dog were racing to hospital from their home in Bo’ness.

They had made it as far as Mairi’s mother Sylvia Stevenson’s house at Avalon Gardens, Linlithgow Bridge, when it became obvious that a hospital maternity unit was no longer on the cards.

Despite their best efforts the family didn’t even make inside the house before the newborn arrived - in the garden!

Mairi said: “It wasn’t exactly what I planned, I think we’re all a bit shell shocked, it all happened so quick. I was lying there looking at the open car door, on the grass and terrified something was going to go wrong.

“At least the two people I love most in the world where with me. Unfortunately 
neither of them had ever delivered a baby before.”

Sylvia, (50), delivered the baby and then, startled at his slightly blue tone stayed calm and massaged him gently until he let out his first cry.

“It was all a bit of a blur,” she admitted. “Everything happened so quickly. Your instincts just take over. He was a very determined baby.”

Stuart helped wrap his son in fresh towels and tended to Mairi so she could enjoy their baby’s first proper cuddle.

“At one point a woman passed by with a couple of kids and asked if I needed a hand. Looking back, it was all quite surreal” said Sylvia.