Mums campaign for safer streets

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Mums are fighting for safer streets around town, claiming pedestrian routes are a “nightmare”.

Last week, members of Queensferry Pram Pushers group showed council election candidates for Almond ward around the most troubled spots, which are well-trodden by young families.

The group met up at Queensferry Primary School on Burgess Road before taking the candidates on walks down The Loan, towards the health centre and the library.

Michaela Horseman (42), who helped organise the walks, is a mother-of-two and an engineer from Station Road.

She said: “We took candidates down the route that a lot of young families would walk on a regular basis.

“We pointed out issues to them with crossings, narrow pavements and dropped kerbs in wrong places.

“None of the particular routes are safe but there are very small things that should be able to be changed which could have a big impact in the lives of pedestrians.”

Mother-of-two Christine Helliwell, added: “It is an utter nightmare. It puts you off walking. You’re taking your life in your own hands when crossing these roads.”

Bruce Whitehead, the Labour candidate who walked round with the group, said “safe footpaths were urgently needed”, while Norman Work, SNP candidate, said the walk allowed him to see the “first hand challenges” facing pedestrians.

Conservative candidate Graham Hutchison said it was clear that the route was “fraught with danger” for all pedestrians and Iain McKinnnon-Waddell, Green candidate, said he could see how the number of issues highlighted impacted on the lives of residents and its visitors.

Kevin Lang, the Lib Dem candidate, was unavailable for comment.

City of Edinburgh Council said road safety was of “paramount importance” and local road officers were happy to meet with residents to discuss their concerns.