Mums web-bed feat!

MUMMY bloggers from the Journal and Gazette area have made their mark on the worldwide web.

Donna White, mum-of-two from Linlithgow, and Elizabeth Harvey, mum-of-three from Bo’ness, have reached the finals of the Mum and Dad (MAD) Blog Awards for Best New Blog after starting their venture last February.

Mummy Central, found at, has already found a steady fan base with its topical chat, reviews, recipes, crafts and child-friendly ideas.

Donna (38), of Dovecot Park, said: “Our blog is only four months old, so we’re thrilled to get this sort of recognition so soon. Elizabeth and I dream of becoming mumpreneurs and making a business from our blog, allowing us to work from home. We’re prepared to put in the time – but this could really give us a push in the right direction.”

The pair who currently work as freelancers met at Lochside Playgroup in Linlithgow when Donna was chair and Elizabeth (37), who lives in the Drum Estate, was vice chair.

Donna added: “From the end of April to the end of May, we’ve had 5171 page views, we have 110 Facebook fans and 530 Twitter followers - it’s great.

“The biggest response I got was when I wrote about difficulties with breast feeding. There was a huge response from other women who have tried and failed.”

The pair are keeping their fingers crossed that they will win the award and that their site will make a difference to other parents.

For the pair to win, they have to pick up as many online votes as possible in the next week.

To vote go to and clickon the MAD Awards logo. Winners will be announced in September. The Best New Blog Award recognises blogs less than 12 months old, which have built up a loyal following and great readership. The winner will receive a trip on the London Eye, followed by dinner at Chez Gerrard.