Murphy on his 100 streets in 100 days tour

Jim Murphy 'better together' soap box tour..
Jim Murphy 'better together' soap box tour..

Jim Murphy MP had his work cut out for the Better Together campaign as he visited the Burgh in his ‘100 streets in 100 days’ tour around Scotland.

Mr Murphy, Labour MP for East Renfrewshire and shadow international development secretary, stood on his mobile stage of two Irn Bru crates at the Cross on Wednesday, addressing the public on the benefits of voting no in the referendum.

There was a good turnout when Jim spoke to the Journal and Gazette.

He said: “I’m here in Alex Salmond’s home town because I don’t think the people of Linlithgow are going to be taken in by SNP propaganda.

“Alex Salmond was supposed to be fighting back on his plan B for Scotland’s currency in the event of a Yes vote. Instead his chief currency advisor has publicly accepted that an independent Scotland may end up using a foreign currency for six months.

“Scots deserve to know what happens after that. Is it the Euro or is it a separate currency? We need to know what is Plan B.”

Mr Murphy later went on to South Queensferry and then Edinburgh.