Music lesson with a twist in South Queensferry

Dalcroze Moevement in Music
Dalcroze Moevement in Music

Youngsters in South Queensferry had a blast at a special one-off music lesson with a twist.

Primary 6 and 7 pupils got the chance to expand their musical knowledge with a morning Dalcroze workshop.

Monica Wilkinson was in charge of the lesson and taught the young string musicians about the movement involved in music including rhythmics, improvisation and aural training.

Justine Corr, violin teacher for the cluster of schools involved, said: “The kids certainly enjoyed themselves and really appreciated learning new music techniques.”

Around 40 pupils from Kirkliston, Queensferry, Echline, Dalmeny and St Maragret’s Primary School attended the lesson from the qualified Dalcroze and Eurythmics teacher.